The new Estate Agency Agreement takes effect from 4.12.2011 (Sunday) to 3.4.2012 (Tuesday), please find below (I) Leasing Procedure and (II) Sample Standard Offer Letter, Tenancy Agreement and Personal Guarantee (applicable to corporate tenants) for HKSAR owned and Financial Secretary Incorporated (FSI) owned properties for your reference.

(I)Leasing Procedure

Time of Acceptance of Offer:
9:00 to 17:00 (Monday to Friday) (except lunch break from 12:45 to 13:45)
You are strongly advised to submit offer at least 30 minutes before the closing time, ( i.e. before 12:15pm and before 4:30pm ) for approval of the offer submitted.
Points to note when submitting an Offer:
1. Offer Letter (in TRIPLICATE with one agent's name card) should be submitted IN PERSON by the Estate Agent who signed the offer to our office. Offer submitted by person other than the agent who signed the offer would NOT be accepted.
2. All deletions on the Offer Letter must be initialled and 'Other Notes' indicated on the Property Schedule for a particular property should also be stated on the Offer Letter. If there is insufficient space, please mark on separate sheet to be attached to the Offer Letter.
3. For individual tenant, a copy of the Identity Card should be provided together with the offer submission.
4. For corporate tenants, its director is required to provide Personal Guarantee ( file attached in Item ( II ) below ). All offers from prospective corporate tenants without a sample of blank form of personal guarantee attached will NOT be accepted by this Agency. Also, a copy of Business Registration should be submitted.
5. Offer will be accepted on a first come first served basis (subject to the completeness and correctness of the offer letter).
6. If more than 1 agent submits offer for the same premises at the same time, please refer to the attached letter dated 28 April 2008 regarding the "Guidelines on Leasing Out of Quarters - New Bidding Procedures''
Inspection of Premises
1. Inspection MUST be made with prospective tenants before submitting an offer. The properties are leased on an ''as-is'' condition. Tenants are required to accept the properties in such state and condition as existing on the date on which possession of the properties is given.
2. Keys of most of the premises are available in site management office, however, some of the premises are with special arrangement and therefore you are strongly advised to visit our website for updated information or contact us direct if in doubt.

(II) Standard Documents for Leasing of Surplus Government Quarters

Offer Letter, Tenancy Agreement and Personal Guarantee:
1. Relevant documents for HKSAR owned and Financial Secretary Incorporated Owned properties are attached below and grateful if you can distribute the attached documents to your front-line staff for use and kindly remind your colleagues to use the attached version. However, I must remind that the Landlord reserves its right to reject any offer submitted if the old version offer letter is adopted.
2. Please be reminded that prospective tenant is strongly advised to peruse the sample offer letter and tenancy agreement before submitting his/ her rental offer letter to us.
Offer Letter for HKSAR owned Properties   Offer_Letter_for HKSAR revised 09.05.2007
Offer Letter for FSI owned Properties  Offer_Letter_for FSI Revised on 09.05.2007

Personal Guarantee* (for Corporate Tenant) :
- for HKSAR owned Properties  Personal Gurantee Draft Aug 07_HKSAR
- for FSI owned Properties  Personal Gurantee Draft Aug 07_FSI
*Each page of the Personal Guarantee should be initialled by the corporate tenants when submitting an Offer.
Tenancy Agreement (Sample)
- for HKSAR owned properties  HKSAR_Tenancy_Agreement_Master 03.12.2010
- for FSI owned Properties  FSI_Tenancy_Agreement_Master 03.12.2010